Saturday, September 14, 2013

News: Future of the web? Microsoft tests http 2.0 server

Future of the web? Microsoft tests http 2.0 server

Microsoft has started testing "Katana," a server for HTTP 2.0, or what could be the next version of the Web.

In a blog post, Microsoft Open Tech's Parashu
 said this is the first in a series of experiments with HTTP/2.0 to enhance the performance of the web.

"This implementation of HTTP/2.0 is based on the recent version 4 implementable draft and has been created on a new Microsoft open source C#-based web stack - Katana server," Parashu said.

Parashu said the prototype server supports header compression and HTTP/2.0 features such as stream multiplexing, and negotiation mechanisms such as ALPN and HTTP upgrade.

It also supports the ability to establish direct HTTP/2.0 connections.

However, it does not yet implement server push or flow control, Parashu said.

A separate article on PC World said most of the Web still runs on on HTTP 1.0, which can processonly one request at a time.

In contrast, HTTP 2.0 can allow a single connection to a server to process multiple page requests, thus easing the load on the server and the network connecting it.

"HTTP 2.0 isn’t a magic bullet, however. What consumers care about is usually just how quickly a webpage loads, however, and there are a number of technologies that, together, can improve it," it said.

Google protocol

PC World also noted the draft implementation of HTTP 2.0 so far has been based on Google's open networking protocol SPDY.

SPDY, which is supported by most major browsers, multiplexes webpage requests, "so that only one connection is required," it said.

For now, Microsoft and Google have until April 2014 to convince the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to adopt either SPDY, Microsoft’s HTTP Speed + Mobility, or a combination of the two. — VC, GMA News


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